22 September 2013

Michael Tsai for HSA!

Alluding to Michael's useful Chinese-ness in the campaign poster.

Michael's running for the HULT Student Association. After all he's already done as a global committee team lead for the Shanghai campus, I think he'd do a great job, but if not, hey, he can keep up what he's doing. We'll see how the election goes.


  1. How would winning the election change things for you guys?

    1. As far as the two of us go, Michael winning the election would probably just give us less time together. For Michael, it would be great for networking and leadership development and his resume. :)

    2. I will be cautiously optimistic then. ;-)

      Do you know where you will be going for the final part of the program? When do you have to decide?

    3. These cities are on the list: London (because Michael loves it), Boston (because I love it and the focus there is consulting), and San Francisco (because that's probably where we want to end up and Michael likes the idea of being close to tech startups and sustainability).