28 June 2013

我们要搬到中国 We're Moving to Shanghai

There is so much to blog about. So much.

But right now, I want to focus on one topic:

Michael and I are moving to Shanghai!

I've wanted to learn Chinese since before I even met Michael, and as soon as we started thinking about getting married, I wanted to learn it even more, to

  1. interact better with his family 
  2. understand people at our wedding celebration in Taiwan (January 1st, 2014--you're invited)
  3. not feel left out if we decide to raise Chinese-speaking children.
The deets: Michael has been accepted into an MBA program that starts in September at Hult Business School. The program is one year. Eight months will be spent in Shanghai, and we can choose two other locations after that (which have yet to be decided upon).

I am going to

  1. learn Chinese, and 
  2. be the "rice winner," 
so if you know of any companies with offices in Shanghai who need a junior coder/developer/software engineer, let me know.

Shanghai photo shanghai_zps791f0277.jpg

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