12 June 2013

Rain Jacket Success

I asked for help finding the perfect rain jacket. Thanks to my friend Jens's encouragement, I checked out Burlington Coat Factory. There, I discovered that the size that fit me didn't have a very large selection. Who knew that I was a petite? The one jacket that fit and was close to what I was looking for was a lovely, deep red.

Red Rain Jacket photo 2013-04-11195416_zps87d9d4c0.jpg
Looking stern.

I nearly gave in, but I wanted something more versatile, so I called the other Burlington Coat Factories in the area until I found a beige one. Here's a better picture:

Rain jacket photo ScreenShot2013-08-07at51220PM_zps6a185dff.png

Michael went out of his way to pick it up at a Burlington Coat Factory in the East Bay on the way home from work, but when he arrived, the first thing I noticed was that the sash was missing. We called the store and were told to come back, but it turns out they don't really keep track of sashes, so we were told to go find another coat with one and take that. All we could find was a sash that wasn't quite the same color, which Michael had to convince me was okay.

I didn't discover until we got home that the buttons can't actually button up to keep your neck warm, so I'll always need a scarf. That was kind of annoying. But hey, $88 compared to the $150+ I'd seen everywhere else? Awesome.

Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden, Tokyo, Japan photo 2013-12-201DSC00221_zps4d4380e3.jpg You can barely notice that the sash is a different color, right? Right?

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