04 October 2012

Wedding Sunglasses

I have to tell you a story.

While looking at the colors I was considering for our wedding, I saw some mint-colored sunglasses online and I couldn't get them out of my head. I thought it would be fun to get a whole bunch of those sunglasses for the wedding party and I and my sister spent hours online looking for cheap mint sunglasses. It seemed like we weren't going to be successful.

Then one day, I was at Ross for some reason and while I was standing in line to get whatever it was I was buying, I saw minty sunglasses! I bought the two pairs they had and asked about calling other stores to see if they had them. Unfortunately, there just weren't enough within a reasonable distance, and the price ($3.99) was more than I was willing to pay for around 30 pairs. I wasn't about to give up, though, so I emailed the company on the tag, Icon Eyewear, and asked if I could get 30 pairs for a good price. To my surprise, I got an answer fairly quickly saying that they don't do retail, but asking what I needed them for. Because I'd heard so many times that as soon as people hear the word "wedding," their prices go up, I was hesitant to answer. But I finally answered with two words: "Wedding party." The man who'd written me back, Jack Woods, told me that he'd see what he could do.

The next day, which was eight days before the wedding, I was in Chinatown looking for cheap sunglasses because a friend had suggested that I just buy a whole bunch and spray-paint them the right color. Right as I was getting up the courage to bargain, I checked my phone one last time, and guess what? I had a new email from Jack Woods of Icon Eyewear. Here's what it said:

With a little persuasion I have convinced the powers that be to do a good deed for the day. Please send me your address and we will ship you 30 pairs on us for your special day.

Best of luck,

Whoa, what unexpected generosity! I was bursting with joy as I left Chinatown. Jack shipped the sunglasses to my parents' house and they were a fun addition to the usual boring-ness of the dressed-up wedding party.

Thumbs up to mint sunglasses photo emilybrownphotography_MichelleampMike_365_zpsece6c479.jpg

Minty family and friends photo emilybrownphotography_MichelleampMike_369_zpsf547d1e2.jpg

Comparing open lips photo emilybrownphotography_MichelleampMike_376_2_zps53609016.jpg

Open-lip smiles photo emilybrownphotography_MichelleampMike_377_2_zps2e2c4eb5.jpg

Gals with glasses photo emilybrownphotography_MichelleampMike_387_2_zps01f2cc6e.jpg

Thanks again to Jack Woods and Icon Eyewear!