03 September 2012

Wedding Info


Welcome to our wedding celebration information page!

RSVP for the California reception here (to take place on Saturday, September 8th from 3-6 PM at 38137 Lansing Ct., Fremont, CA 94536).

RSVP for the Utah reception here (to take place on Wednesday, September 19th from 5-8 PM at 2035 E. Millstream Ln., Salt Lake City, UT 84109).

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Please contribute the phone pictures (or digital camera pictures) that you take of our celebration to our wedding album (and not to Facebook, please). Just download the WedPics app (or log in to WedPics.com) and enter the access code "GlauserTsai."

Frequently Asked Questions:

Where will we be living?
Michelle Glauser and Michael Tsai
821 Leavenworth St. #11
San Francisco, CA 94109

Where are we from?
I grew up with five siblings in Salt Lake City, lived in Leipzig (Germany) for several years, and then moved to the Bay Area, California. Michael grew up in Taiwan with one sister and moved to Fremont, California at age 15.

Do you speak Chinese?
Michael speaks Mandarin. Michelle? Not yet . . .

How did we meet?
Playing soccer in Santa Clara. After the game, I connected with Michael and several other new faces on Facebook. A few days later, I decided to attend church at a church building I didn't usually visit. I walked in as the opening hymn was being sung and sat on the empty end of a bench. To my surprise, someone came and sat right next to me--Michael had also decided to visit that church building that day and when he saw me walk in, he knew he had to sit next to me. That evening, Michael sent a Facebook message asking if I wanted to go out. We set up a date for the very next evening and ended up seeing each other every other night that week.

How long have we been dating?

One year.

How did Michael propose?
On the one-year anniversary of their first date, Michael took me to the exact same restaurant (and even table!) as on our first date in Palo Alto. After dinner, we went to the same gelato shop we visited on our first date. There, Michael teased me that the ring was under the table--no, under the chair--no, in my pocket, and so on, until, as we were about to leave, he encouraged me to look in my pocket one last time. Since the ring that I want needed to be custom-made, Michael had ordered a simple sterling silver ring that I had liked on etsy. However, that ring didn't arrived on time, so I found the "substitute-for-the-substitute" ring in my pocket. Michael asked me to marry him and, in typical Michelle fashion, I changed things up a little, leaving Michael to change his Facebook status to "She said 'yep.'"

What do we do?
Michael works at a medical device company in Sunnyvale; I work for a startup in San Francisco. We are both looking to get further education in new fields.

Why such a short engagement?
There are several reasons. We have been talking about marriage for a long time, and by the time we felt like we were up for it, we didn't feel like we needed to wait a long time, especially since we're okay with things being simple and inexpensive. Weather is a consideration because of my love of the outdoors and my simple cotton wedding dress. In October, I'll be doing some (expensive) training that will help my career, so getting the wedding stress out of the way seemed like a good idea. The next time that Michael's dad would be in the country and weather would be good in Utah is next May, and we didn't want to wait that long. May is also typically the month when I am miserably hayfevered, so an outdoor celebration would be no fun. I found a great apartment with a landlord looking for a couple--good motivation.

Where is the honeymoon going to be?
Most likely Quebec. (No, we do not know any French.)

Will any name-changing occur?
We prefer to keep our names the way they are--Michelle Glauser and Michael Tsai.

How is "Tsai" pronounced? 
You know that "ts" sound in "pizza"? Stick that at the start and then rhyme the rest with "pie."

How is "Glauser" pronounced?
The "au" rhymes with "cow," and the S is like the Z in zoo. Rhymes with "wowser."

How does this online registry work?
Anyone who wishes to help us get the items we need to start our life together may pay for them online securely. We thought it would make it easier for the gift-giver--there's no shipping, packaging, or transporting involved, and easier for us--since we won't need to move gifted items back to San Francisco. See our list here.

How can I help with the celebration?
You can leave a comment below with your contact information and we'll be in touch about cookies, setup, or whatever. Thanks!

Why only emailed invitations and what is with all this online stuff?
I am a tech nerd. And since we live in an area famed for its exploding technology development, why not see how new technology can help organize old traditions?

What is this Chinese tradition of red envelopes I've heard about?
The filled envelopes are given as gifts to financially support new couples. Red is the traditional color for Chinese weddings as it symbolizes good fortune and joy. See here for details about red envelopes.

What is a Chinese wedding tea ceremony? 
It is a way for the couple to show respect to elders and for the elders to give their blessing and financial support. See here for details about the tea ceremony.

Why a preception?
To party first and enjoy the quiet moments later.

I don't have a camera phone and/or I can't use apps, but I will be taking pictures with my digital camera. May I still contribute photos to your wedding album?
Definitely! Just go to WedPics.com and enter the access code "GlauserTsai" to upload your photos.

We would love any comments with advice, well-wishes, questions, etc. Thank you for your love and support!