22 August 2012

Uniting Our Paths Officially

Michael and I have decided to officially unite paths by getting married in September in Salt Lake City, Utah (hopefully on the 20th). We're excited to start on this next journey of life together, and we hope you're excited for us. Two pre-marriage celebrations will be held: one in California and one in Utah. Since Michelle is a techie nerd, and because we live in the midst of a huge population of techie nerds, we're going to do as much organizing as possible online.

If you would like an invitation/announcement, please fill in your email address here. Then we'll email you a lovely picture of us and the event and you can RSVP (if you're coming).

Do you have well-wishes, advice, congratulations, etc. to share? You can send us a nice message by clicking here.

We'd like to make gift-giving easier on everyone; click here if you would like to send us money because you're amazing like that (credit cards are okay).

And here's a bit of information that might be useful in the future: we will both be keeping our names exactly the way they are.

Thanks for your support! Yay!

1 comment:

  1. Congratulations, that is a short engagement! Good luck with your wedding and married life