13 May 2012

Links to Love (Week 19, 2012)

Pretty much all I can remember about this week is this, and I think it's going to dominate my life for a while. At least I'll have a really strong right leg, maybe?

Enjoy these links. 

An orchestra on public transit:

The hexadecimal colour clock.

The 1990s version of Pinterest.

Want to look a hummingbird in the eye? Feed it with this.

The executive hoodie.

Useful for following the crowd. Facebook likes on clothing hangers.

The perfectly hilarious Tumblr for social media-ites.

A picture you won't see often: six generations of daughters.

Google Translate beatboxes: translate this from English to German.

Crazy benches.

Anatomy of a piƱata.

See what's on the exact opposite of the world.

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