20 April 2012

Links to Love (Week 16, 2012)

Even though I burned the orange popovers I was making (30 minutes is too long), I'm feeling pretty great about this Friday night. I don't know if I'd mind if every day were a Friday with weather like today. This week, I got to eat delicious, spinach-containing smoothies (not as oxymoronic as you'd think!), meet some Mormon neighborhood friends, walk 4.7 unplanned miles on a hot day, finish a video project, and try Indian pizza (wowzers). On to the links to love!

I have to share this one first because it amuses me to no end. People who can't spell "cologne" on Twitter.

Lickable wallpaper, like in Willy Wonka.

Great Roomba commercial:

More great moves here: Body mechanics.

 In case you care to watch things get destroyed in slow mo.

Musical Mother Nature:

Rubber chicken+space.

A doodling app that DrawSomething lovers will also love: Doodle.ly.

"We're not young":

Frogger on the real 5th Avenue. (Don't worry, no frogs were/are killed in this production.)

And finally, articles like this and this make me feel good about my thesis on mommy bloggers

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