06 April 2012

Links to Love (Week 14, 2012)

I was so happy that it was Friday today that as I walked down the street, I felt like breaking some moves. I ended up humming songs and then singing my own words to them. That is ecstasy at its finest. Enjoy the links this week!

An app just for couples to stay in touch. Pair.

Euphemism generator. (I bet if I used these on my mom, she'd know a lot more than I do.)

A cute little video about a cloud named "Cummulus":
Cummulus & Nimbus from we think things on Vimeo.

Not only is this product awesome, their video is 41 seconds. Now that is awesome:

Speed peel a potato (if you use the vitamin stealer).

Michael doesn't think I'll ever win this.

Virtual choir:

Darling twins: one black, one white.

Büro Destruct:

Google account activity.

Flashback to the old Batman:

Curisma. Kind of like Pinterest for new tech stuff.

I think I need one of these Juolies for my hot chocolate and tea. (I always end up burning my tongue!)

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