18 April 2012

HyperFair and Joe Career Fair Video

I know it's goofy (and I know it's fast and I know I should have tried harder to get someone with a stronger voice), but this video about HyperFair's career fairs has taken up a lot of time in my life recently, so be nice to my brain child, okay?

Note: "Joe" is my generous cousin Kameron Smith. (Thanks, Kam!)

Another note: it was originally a slide presentation in Sliderocket, which I screen recorded using QuickTime, then I imported it into iMovie, where I added voiceover, music, and sound effects that I'd mixed in GarageBand before converting them using Media.io. Each time, something was too slow or too fast, there were problems with getting all the sounds to work, uploading, quality, format, etc., etc., etc. I know it's not the most professional thing in the world, but HyperFair needed fun social media content. I am so glad I'm finished with this project.

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