23 April 2012

Hot Pink Lipstick

Alexis Bledel's hot pink lipstickEver since I almost died when I saw this picture of Alexis Bledel wearing hot pink lipstick (or fuchsia/neon/flourescent/whatever-you-want-to-call-it-pink), I've wanted to try it out for myself. It took a lot of browsing and one return, but I finally pulled off something similar for myself and I'm super happy about it even though I'd still love to find Alexis's exact matte shade (just excuse the absent professional photographer, good background and lighting, and makeup artist--maybe if all of those had been available, my blue eyes might pop like that, too).

Hot pink lipstick, 22 April 2012
The baby who tried to grab my lips and the guy who said, "You're wearing really bright lipstick," probably think the shade agrees with me, too. Right?

And in case you're interested, the shade is Covergirl's #325, "Spellbound."