02 March 2012

Links to Love (Week 9, 2012)

Lego Moleskine.

Zimride is like the German ride-sharing website (Mitfahrgelegenheit) I had many adventures with.

Goodbye, king-size Snickers. :(

What the IRS could learn from Mormons.

Vote in the Mormon Lit Blitz contest.

Make any YouTube video into a silent black and white film. (I did it with this one.)

Get your own QR codes.

Dye your MacBook.

Don't be offended, but I agree with this granny's advice about social media happy birthday greetings. So thank you to people who wrote me a message, not a post, on my birthday!

I've had a bag hitting against my legs too many times while on a scooter to not realize that this scooter idea is awesome (and apparently I still don't care about looking like a dork):

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