23 March 2012

Links to Love (Week 12, 2012)

It's been a loooong week, and I feel like I've gotten nothing personal done. I think I need to get computer glasses because I've been having major headaches, my temples are sore from squinting, and my vision seems to be getting worse. (Where do I find cute computer glasses? Lookmatic doesn't have any. All I've seen is these, and some sites suggest going to an eye doctor for a computer glasses prescription, but I've no insurance.)

But, at least I have had beautiful things to look at; see below.

Glass light treatment:


Where to find public fruit trees.

Instruments from the inside.  

Dr. Seuss did ads?

Pretty Adele cover:

I want to be a green graffiti-er.

Lovely Brewster wall coverings, and their Wallpops! line (chandeliers included!).

Columbia, waterproof jackets, and cats:

Toilet brush lamp.

Sand paintings.

An app for people who are modest in the bathroom:

Use temporary tattoos for Easter eggs.

Digitally-preserved dying languages.

A runaway alarm clock.

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