30 September 2011

September's Links to Love


Making toys from kids' drawings.

The Leonardo, a new museum in Salt Lake City, has wonderful countdown videos (and I'm sure everything's going to be just as amazing inside):

Obsessive organization can be beautiful.

I'm pretty sure just about any time lapse of the Bay Area could be made to look nice--except for traffic. Anyway, watch this:

The Unseen Sea from Simon Christen on Vimeo.

100 years of London fashion and dance:

These latticed cookies look pretty, but I'm pretty sure they're waaaay too much work.

After hearing that the costume designer from MadMen made a Banana Repulic line, I think the Inception dude should do the same.

Paintbrush for the iPad

Extension cord lamp:

Extension Cord Lamp

Split Decision Pie Pan. (I don't think I'd like the extra crust, truthfully. Just make two pies!)

Bloomi Chair

Picnic in a lunchbox.

I've discovered another lovely blog where repetition is appreciated.


Quotations about Heavenly Mother

President Uchtdorf's five lessons of the forget-me-not.

Just wanted to point out President Monson's fan status:


Feminist sarcasm for you, "Why I Want a Wife" (makes me want a wife, too).

The Giving Tree, narrated and harmonica-ized by author Shel Silverstein:

Yes, I Love Technology:

Happy 13th birthday, Google.

Crittercism to give feedback to mobile apps.

Bump world map
(thanks to Mr. Christoffer Perry).

I've been waiting for something like this sheet music app to come along. I knew it wouldn't be long.

Better gifts and easier good-gift-giving at Social Gift.

Another fun online time waster: draw a stickman.

New Dynamic Blogger Views.

:D G-Male:

Peektree for sharing and rating your pictures.

Washington Post Social Reader. Hurry up, Google, and get Google Reader and Google Buzz onto Google Plus!

Have you heard about reconstructing images from the brain yet? Fascinating:

I know people are still too freaked out, but I firmly believe there will be a live satellite cam of the whole world some day. New York's on the way.

Yet another ask-a-local-or-expert platform, Askalo.

With the right music, watching feather starfish swim could really be mesmerizing:

Mindy Kaling's Flicks and Chicks article from The New Yorker. (By the way, I think her soon-to-come-out book might be worth reading.)

Legend of Zelda theme song:

Pet peeves.

After watching the first video of the Haka, I wanted to see if women ever do the Haka and found the second:

Weezer and Haley Williams' version of "The Rainbow Connection."

Muppet movie should be sweet:

Teeth tattoos--right up there with tooth jewels.

I'm not a big fan of milk, but I think that post-cereal milk is nice sometimes. Would you eat it as an ice cream flavor?

International Space Station night view:

I like these hanging measurers and these colorful knives.

Need a high five?

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