15 August 2011


So I realized I never published this post about the University of Leipzig's yearly report, the Jahresbericht. (Pretty sure I originally wrote this post in May of 2008, ha ha!)

The University of Leipzig's "Annual Report" asked me some questions about being here and sent a photographer to get some shots of me. Yeah, they're a little cheesy, but enjoy.

The orange building is the building where my department is (it's a shame you can't see the rest of the building, it's got really cool modern architecture), and the gray building is the amazing library right across the street. Leipzig (and my location therein) is perfect in so many ways. (Lena, do you remember this shirt? You gave it to me forever ago. Thanks!)

The photographer asked if I could see the light he'd set up, and I thought he meant I should look at it, when really he just wanted to know if it was working. I never know what to do with my hands.

This picture is really good at highlighting my crooked nose. Wow, I felt like a dork with my hands like that. And why did I leave that elastic on my wrist and stuff in my pockets? Oh well, that's how I always am, so I guess the pictures are realistic.

That book just happens to be one I had in my backpack for my immigration class. Coming to America. Should be Coming to Germany.

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