30 August 2011

August's Links to Love

August was a good internet month, eh?


A rolling table made of pallets.

Milk art.

Draw your own headboard.

A card for any occasion.

Day/night photos of New York

Split photos of relatives

Dribbble, a site for sharing creative web design.

Loveliest small dining room.

Have I already linked to this animated contemporary dancing video? Thought of You.

Just do it dancers:

If I were a shoe crazy, I might use my shoes as home decor. (But I'm not.)

Philadelphia graffiti artists turned mural artists.

Move, Learn, and Eat videos:

MOVE from Rick Mereki on Vimeo.

LEARN from Rick Mereki on Vimeo.

EAT from Rick Mereki on Vimeo.

Exposing the brick wall made all the difference--I would looove to live here.

Can biking be an art? Maybe:


Daughters of Mormonism podcast.


Save Edgar Allan Poe's Baltimore house!

Sartalics to indicate sarcasm?

More Dr. Seuss books to be published!

Harry Potter trivia.

Harry Potter-related book ideas.

Backyard Scrabble.

Idiot-proof CAPTCHAs

Yes, I Love Technology:

Search for hotels by date on a map (Google Hotel Finder)! Why didn't anyone think of this earlier?

Google Please Hire Me.


Need to improve your body image? Have a baby.

Put a bird on it:

Heartbreaking video about rape in the Republic of Congo:

Musical squares.

"Lolita" by Throw Me the Statue:

"Lincoln's Great Depression."

3D Printing (thanks to The Graphic Bee):

A politician who takes a tank to demolish problems:

Darling clothing line. (But, as usual, out of my budget.)

Human pinball:

Get a professional hassler to motivate you.

Transfer accelerator, a.k.a. "slide" in a subway station:

Rethink the food label.

Ziploc ice cream.

I first heard this song during a fitness class and thought the use of "Sound of Music" lyrics was brilliant:

I kind of like this clear glass tub.

Planet made of diamonds.

Sayde Price's "Dirt":

Peter Bradley Adams' "The Longer I Run":

Where children sleep.

Crappy laws of parenting

The Kid Should See This
collects fabulous videos, like these two:

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