26 May 2011

Passing Down the Nostalgic

I totally understand now how people can want some of their childhood for their children and how they can want to disregard all budgetary limits. After converting my nephew and niece to Melanie Hoffman ("Oh Boy, I've Got Joy") and laughing about Mary Miché's Earthy Tunes and Nature Nuts, I want to get these for them, cheesy 80s music and all:

Safety Kids Set:

Safety Kids Digital Set

Sometimes you've just gotta yell and scream! Even if it costs $29.95!

Wendy Murdock Shurtliff's "I've Got Joy" ($8.99):

I've Got Joy CD

What else am I about to covet for someone else's sake?


KidTunes: Lucky Diaz and The Family Jam Band - Oh Lucky Day:

KidTunes: Lucky Diaz and The Family Jam Band - Oh Lucky Day


  1. "I know my number my telephone number want me to say it for you? Don't forget the area code, it comes first!"

  2. Totally get what you're saying! Those have been on my maybe list for the grandkid birthdays and Christmas. But where is the information for Mary Miche? Oh the memories - tee hee.

  3. Oh, and Nature Nuts "Dirt Made My Lunch" :)