31 May 2011

May's Links to Love


Pretty paper wreath (I want to try doing it with colorful paper).

Pia Jane bag!

DIY chandeliers.

"No One" cover by Morgan:

No One by Alicia Keys from Morgan Rindlesbach Rapp on Vimeo.

Light bulb ceiling.

Make a ruffly shower curtain.

Behind family/group pictures.

Staple art

The Making of Ephemicropolis from Peter Root on Vimeo.

Skinniest house.

Charming front door.


Video about chastity for youth:

White House Mormon Youth Round Table


Languages' levels for learning. (I know you won't believe me, but German totally fits in the easy level.)

We had a black list for the yearbook in high school ("pearly whites" was quickly banned from captions), but I think Kurt Andersen's list is much more interesting.

Existential despair in Peanuts columns limited to three panels.

Re-enactments of romance novel covers.

Yes, I Love Technology:

If web browsers were celebrities.

I definitely need a KVM switch.

Add a tip jar to your blog. I'm not yet sure if I like this idea yet.

Flipboard, a personalized magazine. Cool.


Biblical sex quiz.

Baby's gender a secret

Bicyclical benefits.

Bikers getting yelled at have several options.

For mothers with biologist children:

The reverse psychology of no smoking signs.

High education=less chance of divorce.

Creepy house decorations.

Butterbur for allergies?

Funny dubbing:

What would you take from your burning house?

A hilarious but explainable side-by-side of a couple at engagement and again three years later