09 January 2011

A Giveaway

I crafted these lovely envelopes out of old German calendars and so I'd like to give a set of three to a lucky reader, specifically this set:

Calendar Envelopes Flower Set

If you want to win, do the following:

1. be a subscriber to this blog
2. send a link to this blog to a friend
3. leave a comment

All entries must be in by the 20th of January! If I get a lot of entries, I'll do another giveaway and you can choose which set you'd like (see them on my Photobucket).


  1. yay for giveaways! i've been following u for about a month now... how do i tell a friend, though??

  2. Ah! I tried to leave a comment on your Audrey Hepburn Silhouette post, but for some reason I couldn't, and I was wary of trying to leave one here.
    Anyway, the envelopes are lovely and I would love to win them! Off to tell a friend....

  3. Post created and I consider myself entered. =)

  4. Yeah! I'm putting this blog post in my facebook status...does that count as forwarding your link to a friend?

  5. I love these! I'll subscribe right now and send an email to a friend with the link.

  6. Excellent! Sorry, I'm bad about commenting!

  7. So pretty! I still think you should find a boutique or an etsy shop to sell these in :D.

  8. I follow via gfc, sent to a friend, the cards are so pretty! suelee1998 @ gmail.com