08 January 2011

Calling Off Beef Stew

Yesterday, I opened the fridge and discovered leftover beef stew (from a can). It had been great the night before, but the congealed fat turned me off from it. Trying not to think about it, I scooped some into a bowl and warmed it up. It tasted fine; I especially appreciated the carrots.

Suddenly, I made a huge mistake (or maybe it was the key to my salvation). I looked at what I was eating. And there, on my spoon, was something that brought the word "aorta" to mind. It was gray. And firmer than eatable meat. With fleshy tube things coming off it. Chicken heart? Is there even chicken in beef stew? I couldn't even get myself to take a picture for your enjoyment. It went straight into the garbage.

However . . . there's some flavor in beef stew that draws me back to it. But I think I'm done for a while or until I can discover how to recreate that flavor myself.

I still get grossed out thinking about it.


  1. i was having adventures in foodland myself. an insect plopped into my coke (coca cola!) yesterday, and i think i bit it... eugh... i spat it right out, but disgusting!!! :S

  2. The same thing seems to happen to me whenever I eat steak. Maybe I need to buy better cuts? Regaining one's appetite after seeing an aorta is next to impossible.