30 September 2010

September's Links to Love


A necklace for math lovers.

I like this confetti on a roll. I think they should do the same with flowers.


Lovely collection of indie music called "Watch, Listen, Tell."

The Jewish wedding toast that makes me want people to step out of their comfort zone for me some day (even if you sound like the groomswoman):

Why not combine great music with a cute story of a new mom?

Yes, I Love Technology:

The German attitude about internet privacy that I will never understand.

10 forgotten, simple GMail tricks


Just in case you weren't sure, I am a firm believer in the Oxford Comma (because I verbally make a pause between items in a list, don't you?). How about you?

Ten rules for writing fiction part I. Part II.

Wordplay: the free online Spanish vocabulary builder.

Best opening novel lines.

Preserving an author's personal library.


I can't believe I watched this whole thing, but I loved seeing these out-of-control British kids in a Mormon household for ten days.

An Axe commercial that's obviously trying to make fun of Mormon missionaries, ha ha:

Call for submissions: Mormon Women on Marriage.


Types of summer tan lines
(I'm probably the second to last because I'm anti-cancer.)

A crazy hike to a Chinese teahouse.

I want these reusable material sandwich/snack bags. I vow to only use them some day.

106-year-old Utahn.

Bruder Fingerle Interview

A picture that looks like a Greek version of Bruder Heidler

The Webers, who would be everyone's family if they could.

Tony Danza as a high school teacher.

Remembering Leonard Skinner, the teacher behind the band's name.

Corn sugar=high fructose corn syrup. Don't be deceived and spread the word! And don't forget that they feed corn to cows to fatten them up faster.

Make your own non-sugar ketchup.

Online museum of useful things.

I'm not a fan of most beards, but this is a bit funny. (I do, however, like the slightly scruffy look.)


  1. I love your monthly links! Here's one that I like http://sosamson.com/guest-post-darcie-sanders/

    PS I want that math necklace.

    Also are you back in Utah?

  2. Did you know that the Vanessa's husband is the writer and was the lead of one of my favorite Broadway musicals?