21 September 2010

Leipzig's Livability

Did you know that Leipzig was rated the 68th most livable city in the world? And in 2009, the city was rated 35th for social, cultural, and economic innovation. Also, the 2010 eco-city list put Leipzig in 41st place.

Looking at some of the other cities, I personally would rate Leipzig above many of them.

There's a good recycle program (though the littering attitude is pretty lame).
Healthy food is very available (though I'll never understand the smoking percentages).
The music scene can't be topped.
The history is fabulous.
The education is great.
The buildings are beautiful.
Clara-Zetkin Park and the canals are a favorite.
The doctors are good.
The city is bicycle-friendly.
The public transportation has won awards for having a great system (and rightfully).
The population isn't overwhelmingly enormous.
The city center is nice and compact.
Schleu├čig is a great alternative area.

Etc., etc., etc.

Ich liebe Leipzig!

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