03 December 2009

Christmas Wish List

All I want for Christmas this year:

-khaki-colored cords
-khakis (dark blue or khaki)
-pajama pants (I'm still sporting the blue snowflake ones from Christmas years ago)
-black tights (yes, you know I hate tights, but Germany . . .)
-brown tights
-Old Navy undies
-headphones so I don't have to keep pressing play every few minutes
-a silver necklace chain for my YW medallion and the pearl Tanya gave me (I've been wearing it on a piece of bent-out-of-shape fishing line)
-classy pearl earrings
-warm, waterproof brown shoes (preferably plain, flat, shiny brown boots that are nice enough to wear to work)
-black sunglasses (you know the ones I like that I always break or lose--the last pair came from All-A-Dollar)
-computer speakers so I can enjoy my music and watch movies
-material for my couch cover and pillow covers
-help painting my furniture and wall
-white curtains
-mixer/blender (tricky because of the whole differing electric plugs thing)