20 March 2009

Reasons to Rejoice

I'm going to be an EFY counselor this summer in Germany! Wahoo!

Happy Spring! The sun is shining in Leipzig, though it's still cold. I am happy to see things like this:

And, happy, happy birthday to my dear grandpa.


  1. Just dropping by to let you know I have a super give-away contest running this week (and every week) on my LDS blog at Not Entirely British

    This time, the prize is a copy of award-winning author Annette Lyon's latest release in her Temple series - Tower of Strength.

  2. Just found your blog and love it. I am a German recent transplant to Florida which actually lived in Spain before. Kaempfe mit Kulturschock, Sprache ( mein Spanish ist fast perfect, mein English eher maessig ) Freue mich, dass es Dir in D so gut gefaellt.