18 March 2009

Missing Brain

Do you ever have days where you're not sure where your brain is? I do (but you already knew that). Today I:

-Got up an hour earlier than usual and still didn't get to my job next door until only 5 minutes before class started.
-Set up an appointment with another ENT (for a second opinion in hopes of improvement in the sore throat epic) but made it for the first day of the new quartal, meaning I have to pay another 10 Euros.
-Reached the front door of my apartment building after class, saw that I still had six minutes, and went back upstairs to get a bag for my laptop.
-Went down a flight of stairs and went back for cough drops.
-Realized I'd forgotten the latest Liahona (international Ensign) but left anyway.
-Arrived at the university and realized I'd forgotten the paper that would get me my laptop back.

Then I debated the whole way into the library to pick up a book what I should do since I had an impending work meeting in thirty minutes, decided to try to get the laptop anyway, and succeeded. Wahoo (and the repaired keyboard is lovely)! My brain had returned! Or so I thought! Then I:

-decided that my foot hurt enough that I would wait however long it took for the next train to come. Unfortunately, I saw the train and without thinking boarded the one in front of it, going in the wrong direction.

I made it on time, so it was okay, but I:

-didn't even think to ask if Sarah was back from vacation yet. When someone says three weeks and it's been four, you don't think about it. Okay, I guess this wasn't actually my fault.
-took about ten minutes to figure out who should have the key to the school and where for what day.

But, happily, I:

-enjoyed the sun shining brighter than it has in months (though the wind was still cold).
-went the extra (five) mile(s) to help a patron of the school who was standing outside wondering why no one was there. I took her to my apartment (five minutes after I'd hurriedly told the girl looking at the room that I had to hurry and leave--she was still there when I came back) to call the other school (which was nervously waiting for my late arrival because no, Sarah was not back from vacation), and the lady ended up going to my class--she drove us there.

Unfortunately, I made more time-wasting decisions and:

-ate pancakes at 9:45 instead of going to bed or working on my essay.

But, happily, again:

-the pancakes tasted good.
-I was friendly to my roommate and even shared my pancakes.
-I chatted with Melissa who not only gave me a motivating deadline for my essay, but a reward if I finish on time. (Thanks, Melissa, and everyone else: don't be surprised if I don't have much of an internet presence in upcoming weeks. Or maybe, if I have more of an internet presence. Whichever.)

Anyone else?


  1. So I've finally made it to your blog--silly me didn't realize you were in Europe! I love Europe (visited a few times back in the day) and I'm excited to read about all your adventures.

  2. Wow! What a whirlwind kind of day. I'm glad the good balanced the bad.

  3. Glad someone else loses their brain periodically. :)