20 December 2008

Ward Christmas Party

Last week, we had our ward Christmas party. I didn't want to go to the first part, because last year I was there and I'm still wondering why the Young Women would A. be willing to put on a play, B. put on a play that has nothing to do with Christmas.

Alas, I was there, and this year, the play was about a bunch of witches. Way to scare away visitors. A play about witches. In a church. During a Christmas party. It was well done, it just seemed out of place.

Then Santa (der Weihnachtsmann, who happens to be a good friend of mine) showed up.

The children sang a classic German kids' Christmas song for him, "Kling, Glöckchen, Kling," while I played the piano.

He then gave the kids gifts of different books, accompanied by personalized letters. Very impressive, though Santa himself couldn't remember who was who or if they were naughty or nice. :)

Finally, we ate Stollen and everyone but me drank that nasty fake coffee that Mormons drink over here.

I took a lot of Stollen home and have been eating it ever since. Healthy.

More good Christmas posts coming up! Will someone please make sure Mom gets to see them somehow? I know she'll like them.

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