28 March 2008

Salad Saga Continued

A few things about that last post:

Thanks for the tips, Francy, I have no idea about the difference between salad and lettuce and spinach. They're all leaves to me. Maybe I'll try again. I guess it depends how hungry I get. If I really still can't handle it, you can have it!

Also, I told my friend Mike about it. He told me that a scientist had written down the wrong number for how much iron was in spinach. I laughed and laughed and told him I didn't believe him. He said because of some guy's mistake, kids were forced to eat spinach. I was surprised to find this in Wikipedia:

"In popular folklore, spinach is a rich source of iron. The myth about spinach and its high iron content may have first been propagated by Dr. E. von Wolf in 1870, because a misplaced decimal point in his publication led to an iron-content figure that was ten times too high."

Oh, and P.S., Herb Peterson, the inventor of the Egg McMuffin (and thus Breakfast-on-the-go according to some sources, passed away. No, I didn't know him. All I know is I now have someone to blame for the fact that my roommates wonder why I don't like to sit down and dawdle at breakfast. I'd rather eat in my room while reading blogs.

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