27 March 2008

Google-y Eyes

A couple of months ago (the 16th of January to be exact--I like to write these things down to amuse myself later), my professor, John Haskell, said to me, "You're a walking advertisement for Google." It's true. I love Google. How many times do I have to say it? I am partial to Gmail, Google Docs, Google Scholars, Google Books, Google Images, Google News, Google Maps, Google Reader, Picasa, Google Earth, Blogger, Google Video, and more . . .

Here's even more proof that Google deserves to be loved (as if you or I needed any more):


I like Yahoo and Microsoft as long as they're not taking the role of enemies of Google (come friends, let's work together). All this talk of merging as one big anti-Google company with sickening amounts of money involved just makes me . . . not nervous exactly (I have faith in Google), but kind of disappointed, I guess, that they can't all be friends (with Google being the leader in the group, of course).

Yesterday I got completely sick of looking at my spam folder numbers pile up, so I used a filter to mark all spam as read so I never see it. It just sits there and deletes itself later. So cool.

Anyway, I love Google.

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