17 November 2007

Sweaty-Toothed Madman Vs. The Gospel

I saw this guy on the Strassenbahn today. I couldn't stop looking at him. He had this wicked little smile that I took to mean he knew something the rest of us didn't. It was probably the same smile suicide bombers have. The words "sweaty-toothed madman" even came to mind. He reminded me of the crazy guy in Nosferatu who keeps saying, "The Master comes." Then I started to think about how I think I smile more than other people do and it's also because I know something they don't: I know that I am a daughter of God and there's a lot that comes along with that; I have the Gospel of Jesus Christ. So then I started to wonder what the difference between this guy and I was, and I decided that it's that I want people to know what I know and it is something that brings true happiness. It is worth everything to mean and to them. Think about that: it means more to have the Gospel than to know in advance that something horrible is about to happen (like a bomb).

Poor guy.

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