09 October 2007

Two Boxes! Endlich! Money? Never!

Look how excited I was today to get two boxes! Okay, so that picture is kind of scary. Look how huge my arm looks. Oh well! Yay for more clothes to cover it! I've been living with the same five shirts, one skirt, and two pairs of pants since August 21st! As I learned in my first-ever German textbook, "Endlich ist der Tag da!"

This picture is just a tiny glimpse of how excited I will be when money matters work out. Seriously, why can't banks just be friends with each other, despite nationality differences? Look how sad I am that I have everything but the bank account I need to get a student visa.


  1. Scott Jorgenson says it's because of all the security checks they have to do to make sure your moola isn't going to finance terrorist activities! I must say that every one of your 110 pounds (plus or minus) looks pretty threatening to me!

  2. If I don't get my money soon, I'll be so fed up that by the time I get it maybe I will use it to finance suspicious activities!!!!!

  3. Down girl! No point in getting the feds interested in you! Take a deep breath and repeat three times "It's all going to work out!" and remember that your mommy loves you!