16 September 2007

The Mormon Connection

Everywhere I've gone, I've run into the blessed Mormon Connection. It's amazing. Even Alana couldn't believe that I met people everywhere who knew someone I knew or had some connection . . . it's really quite a blessing.

Today, I took the tram to church. When I went to get off, instead of looking for the church, I saw some sister missionaries and talked to them as they led the way.

One of the sisters is from Boston and knows all my Boston friends.
One of the sisters is from Mt. Pleasant but she moved there too late to know Uncle Scott and Aunt Judy.
A beautiful girl named Ramona who is moving is going to call me about an apartment.
Sister Weber talked to me and invited me to live at her house. (I laugh looking back. You know the part in Better Off Dead where the French girl keep shaking John Cusack's hand, because she's excited to meet him and get away from Ricky? I shook this lady's hand vigorously, twice.) It sounds like an amazing offer, the only thing I'm weighing right now is if it will be too inconvenient since her family lives about twenty minutes out and the bus doesn't come as often. It would be nice to live with a family, but will I wish later that I had a place I could stop at for a snack between classes or something? Maybe I should try it for a semester . . . Then again, it's about time I live away from the family life.
There are a lot of YSAs since Leipzig is mostly a college town. The people I've met already seem really nice.
The German was so fast, I couldn't understand much today besides single words that I picked out. I'm sure it will get better with time, especially since I do what I can to keep conversations in German. Several people introduced themselves, and the senior missionaries are so excited for me to be here. Francy and I are going to have dinner at their house tonight and then we'll go to the fireside with the General Primary President.

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