09 August 2007

What I Like About You and Life

The last few days, guiltily enough, I have been watching the second through the fourth seasons of What I Like About You. It started out innocently enough, I just wanted to bond with my sister who loves the show (anyone who knows how much I love TV knows that that's true). Unfortunately, after a while, she didn't have time, so I continued watching on my own because I have to finish things I've started and because I had other things to do on the computer that were boring (like copying and pasting all my old Wordperfect documents into Word-darn Word!-and gathering addresses for a partay). Eventually, I felt like I was wasting so much time that I began just listening to the episodes while I worked on the documents and addresses. Once I finished those, I had no choice but to watch them by skipping ahead every few seconds as soon as I knew what was going on, so each episode could be finished in five minutes. I know, don't tell my sister.

However, I couldn't help but make some connections in the show. There's this guy that she likes, but the timing just never works out. They fight about dumb things and try to be friends, but one of them always likes the other. Then, when they do date, they have trust and thus communication issues. Before things can be worked out, he moves to Chicago of all places! At least, he went. But he came back. At least if it were mentally . . .

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