09 August 2007

Casio and Bratz

I have two companies to complain about:


Last November, I convinced Santa to pay for half of a Casio Exilim EX-Z70. Although he never did and still intends to, that's not what I have to complain about. The camera served me well until last week when it decided to stop focusing. Being well before the 1-year warranty, it should be simple for Casio to trust customers and give them clear instructions. Nope. Santa being unable to find a receipt, I had to make phone calls amounting to more than thirty minutes of holds and three hours of contradicting instructions. I even made two separate trips to Sears, and a trip to the bank to get a letter notarized about how the camera was a gift, which ended up being pointless. Then I had to send my camera to California with the risk of it not returning in time for my trip. There's a lack of training info going around and a lack of customer trust there . . .

If I had known that fixing the camera was going to be such a hassle, I would have bought a different brand!

As for Bratz, ABC compared Bratz and Barbies last night. Ever since Bratz dolls came out, I've hated them. I already thought that Barbie had a few skimpy outfits, but at least some Barbies have careers and children and other things that constitute a nice life. Bratz are just plain SLUTTY! Who was the idiot who said, "Hey, I have a good idea. Let's teach little girls to put on too much makeup and too little clothing. We'll give them dolls that have no careers or family because they came straight from the redlight district." I did think that it was cool that the owner of Bratz was able to start a huge company and make a lot of money as an immigrant from Iran, but he was such a jerk about everything that I don't think so anymore. He said, "Little girls think Barbies look like their moms," as if that was a bad thing. (Way to get moms to buy Bratz dolls for their kids.) The Barbie guy said, "That's good. Being a mom is important."

I will never, ever, let a kid of mine have a Bratz doll. Never!


  1. Agreed. I hate those terrible Bratz dolls. Even the name is enough to make you cringe. You are not alone in your disgust, my sister-in-laws refuse to buy them for their girls.

  2. Check out my response to your Bratz critique on my blog.

  3. When referring to Bratz dolls, my sister-in-law used the word "Hoochie." My mother-in-law later asked me, "What does hoochie mean?" A funny conversation.