22 August 2007

Random Bostonian Activities

We did a lot of random things today. By "we," I mean Laura and Alana (my roommates) and I. The random things were awesome, though.

1. We took forever to get to South Station to meet some friends who were leaving to LA by TRAIN!

2. We walked around Harvard, looking at bookstores and churches. (Yeah, I can't figure out how to turn the picture on my Mac. It shows the correct direction, but it won't load on Blogger that way.)

3. We found the LDS church and a missionary I know (no, it wasn't J.R., and yes, tell the Curtises, I asked them to say hi when they saw him).

4. We got a ride from one of the guys at the church--we saw UMass and a revolutionary war memorial where they shot cannons at ships that were approaching Boston. I had fun explaining things about American history to my British friends, especially when the stories involved the British being the bad guys, ha ha, even though we were considered British at the time.

5. We heard the guy's wife (who will be having twins) sing some beautiful German opera by Mozart about a lovable violet.

6. We went to dinner at a place that gives a free, three-course meal to girls on Wednesdays. They want you to get drinks, but we got fruit juice, which ended up being free anyway. I had the best steak tips I have ever had in my life. The guy told me that they are marinated in sugar! (Try that, Mom.)

7. We walked through Chinatown looking for boba and ended up going through a Chinese market buying candy and pretty moon cake tins instead.

8. We went to Boston Common and watched these guys play baseball with wiffle balls. We wanted to try, but it was a really serious game because the losers would have to buy the winners their drinks during the Red Sox game.

9. We walked to Quincy Market to walk around the shops.

10. We heard a guy play the buckets. (Like drums.)

Alana and Laura are so awesome. We discussed how it felt like we'd been friends for ages. They are from England and both have beautiful, curly hair. Laura said I'm "cheeky in a good way," and we discussed all the words that differ between British and American English. I'm so glad to have met them. They are wonderfully fun. I hope we can meet up again some day.


  1. Oh man! You've got me homesick for New England! My sister lives in Boston and I miss her so much...

    PS...do you have a ZILLION frequent flyer miles?!?!

  2. Actually, I don't have any frequent flyer miles. I should probably look into that, huh? I really just worked for two years after graduation. I have never paid rent or bought my own food or paid for insurance . . . (okay, maybe for a few months I did), but pretty much I've just been a mooch so that I can use my savings to travel.

  3. There are some advantages to living at home your whole life, but I'd say it's time to fly.