23 July 2007

Awkward Stage Music

Perhaps a true occurrence, perhaps an excuse for that time of our lives, but my sister Amy and I know what the other is talking about when we say "the awkward stage." I hope you know. Everyone should have to go through that time, but I get the feeling there are some people who are born with beauty, social confidence, and every other positive characteristic you can think of. Anyway, during my awkward stage, I discovered that I liked music, but not what you'd expect. My love of the Beatles brought me to the local radio station, Oldies 94.1. It took me a few more years to catch up with current music. I remember getting a tiny, boxy, white radio and tape player for Christmas. The available tapes at our house introduced me to wonderful mixes of Oldies, but none could beat the one called Rock Me Gently. No matter what mood I was in by the end of the day (it was mostly a roller coaster during that time, feeling excited about something and then feeling like I was a social outcast because I showed that I was excited about it), I could listen to that tape over and over and go to sleep happy.

Today the Rock Me Gently CD came into the library with my name on it. After importing it into iTunes, it's lovely to hear those songs again. For your enjoyment and/or amusement, here are the songs included thereon (and no, I didn't know these things, I copied them off the library website):

Rock me gently (Andy Kim)
Magic (Pilot)
Loving you just crossed my mind (Sam Neely)
Wildflower (Skylark)
Here comes that rainy day feeling again (The Fortunes)
Last song (Edward Bear)
Hooked on a feeling (Blue Swede)
Only sixteen (Dr. Hook)
Oh babe, what would you say (Hurricane Smith)

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