20 May 2007

The Prodigal Son's Brother

In Sunday School we talked about the parable of the prodigal son (a.k.a. the parable of the forgiving father), the parables of the lost sheep and silver, and the parable (I don't recall the name) where the guys all get paid the same, despite how long they worked.

The first and last of the aforementioned parables are hard for me. I don't think the forgiving father did a very good job of comforting the son who was faithful all along. I think I would feel bad too in his place. I did find it interesting to note that the parable doesn't say what the prodigal son did after that. Perhaps he went back to his riotous living. All we know is that his father welcomed him back and forgave him. I'm still worried about the other son, though.

The workers who all get the same amount teach the same lesson: the Lord will always welcome us back and forgive us. I think the best thing to remember is that we're all sinners.

I asked Mom what the righteous ones got for their continued faithfulness, and she said, "They don't have to face the consequences of bad actions."

Do you think the brother of the prodigal son had some issues for a while? Do you think his father ever paid him some special attention for his faithfulness?

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  1. One of the difficulties in understanding the prodigal son dilemma is that we expect some kind of reward or recognition or acknowledgement for righteousness. We always want to believe that the good guy eventually wins, that bad people eventually are punished, and that life is fair. But it's not true. Plenty of good people get the short end of the stick and plenty of wicked people are successful and reasonably happy. We have to stop comparing. Killing the fatted calf had nothing to do with the first brother and we have to get over that.