23 May 2011

Peregrine Falcon Video Stream

My dad has watched hawks nest across from his work for years. He recently sent me a link to a video camera installed to watch peregrine falcons that "nest" (they don't really build nests) on the Joseph Smith Memorial Building in downtown Salt Lake City. I've enjoyed waiting for a glimpse of the eggs/flap of the wings/vocalization more than you'd think.

Watch the falcons yourselves (for Mac users, try using VLC). Here's a screen shot I took a few days ago:

Peregrine Falcon with Eggs in Salt Lake City

And look at these cool pictures that someone who works across the street took. (I love the comment about being sealed in the Temple. Ha.)

The four eggs should be hatching between May 24th and May 26th, so tune in!

Apparently these are some of the fastest birds in the world (they catch other birds mid-air at speeds up to 200 MPH), and these two birds come back to Salt Lake each year. Fans even block off the sidewalk below when it's time for the baby birds to be pushed out of the nest for flying lessons.

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  1. I remember many years ago there was a big fuss being made over people trying to get a sighting of the peregrines downtown. I sketched out a little cartoon of a falcon on a roof sitting next to a seagull. The gull says, "So YOU'RE the peregrine everyone's looking for? Well La-ti-da! The only time people look for us is when there's cricket's comin'!"