29 April 2011

April's Links to Love


Plywood (!) floors at Curbly. And plywood rugs.

Outdoor feng shui classic:
(Found here.)

Dreamy Connecticut beach house.

Gotta love this office design sense.

Glass blowing (at least watch starting at 3:20):

Funny letterpress cards

From 1930: a fashion prediction for 2000:

(Found here.)

Cool design uses for books.

Rice paddy art.

A lamp for your kitchen.


The Mormon Bachelorette for all you Bachelor/Bachelorette fans out there!

Yes, I Love Technology:

Choose your own background for GMail
! Yay!

Moses and social media:


Jobs you never knew existed
. Speaking of which, here are some professional whistlers:

Little-known things about Mr. Rogers

The French comedian, RĂ©mi Guillard, in a live version of Mario Kart:

(Also see his video, "The Snail.")

Interesting photos (I think my dad sent me this link just to see if it would get on the links to love).

Start at 1:26 for some cool cello beatboxing:

Try to keep a straight face (literally):


  1. another fabulous collection - I'm really liking the plywood floors!

  2. Good ones! Ahhh, the mischief that Comic Sans can make! That one was always a no-no at work, along with Impact and Papyrus. Even worse if someone wanted it in hot pink...