30 March 2011

March's Links to Love


These plant necklaces are so much better than they sound--they made me gasp.

A floating UP-style house

Google Art Project
. Love.

Organizing books (found at curbly.com):

DIY paper bag flooring!

What to do with old paintings

Kinetic sculptor:

Lace floor? Gorgeous.

Skylar's Lace Floor

Yes, I Love Technology:

All My Internet Friends song by Amanda French, digital humanities scholar.


AntiDuckface. (That weirdy face people make in pictures sometimes?)

Check out this garage turned into a home.

Who's tougher, man or woman? Watch a man experiencing childbirth (this is not to say that some men/women aren't tougher than others):

Heard of Regretsy?

Pictures of a missionary trip to Africa (I know this couple).

Pretty sure I find this collection of animals in snapshots hilarious. Especially this one:


Pop-up workstations (now if only they were a little more ergonomically correct).


  1. If you come here and organize my bookshelves I will buy you a present.

  2. Many thoughts on the duckface . . . one being that I made one in a picture with you and the other bridesmaids. I thought I was giving attitude to the photographer who will not be named. I'm such a poser. Hah!

    That garage house is amazing!! I forwarded it on to my Dad. :)

  3. Finally watched all the videos. That man-childbirth one is hilarious. I made my husband watch it and he laughed too. The garage house is awesome.