30 December 2010

December's Links to Love


I love the black and white lamp and the whiteness of this Norwegian living space:

Kurz und Schön German short film competition opener:

Max Dalton's "Ten Great Years" print (of the Beatles) is awesome:

I want these two fonts:

Did you know the Ghent altarpiece weighs as much as an elephant, is as big as a barn door, and is one of the most-stolen works of art?

A posthumously-discovered photographer:


Let's make fun of English together
. (Like the right way to spell potato, and tongue twisters.)

If Lewis Carroll had written Twilight
. . .

Yes, I Love Technology:

The fun of stats:


Unpopular science:

10 Funny Sports Celebration Fails

A sampling of awkward pregnancy photos.

Can you figure out what these brands are just by their colors? I got four, and this was one of them, surprise, surprise:


  1. I love that Norwegian room, too! I love simplicity of design and function.

    That Beatles cover is pretty awesome, too. =)

    Do you just Google stuff or is this material that you come across while researching and browsing?

  2. Yeah, it's stuff I google and come across while doing other internet stuff. :)