29 November 2010

November's Links to Love


Floating houses.

A German craft site.

I didn't even know it was possible to transfer images to material using gel. That could be very useful information.

Van Gogh tilt-shift:

Van Gogh Tilt Shift Serena Malyon

Have you seen the Guggenheim's YouTube video contest entries? I like this one:


Elder Scott is a watercolor artist. I really like this one:

Elder Richard G. Scott Painting

CNN on Elizabeth Smart and Mormon missions.


Stories under 25 words. That's talent.

An autobiographical book of someone who has face blindness.

Allan Metcalf's OK: The Improbable Story of America's Greatest Word. NPR story here.

Hear e.e. cummings read one of his poems.

Yes, I Love Technology:

Interesting Google Street View images

Yay for CERN and progress in the area of antimatter

Use CraigsEasy to search Craigslist on one page, with pictures.

Funny Windows errors.

My mom really needs this website to find her lost phone: http://www.icantfindmyphone.com/

Replica of King Tut's mummy:


Imagine being welcomed somewhere like this:

Do you remember this banjo-playing turtle?

Weird scholarships

The European approach to safe sex slide show
(seems more helpful to me--Americans might actually avoid the high numbers of unwed mothers in poverty and conservative married women with Good Girl Syndrome).

The two pig-hat pictures in this post make me so happy.

Grandmas and Photo Booth:

Two bombs from WWII were found in Leipzig! Luckily no one was hurt.

Healthiest foods under $1.

If I were a mom, I'd want this stroller. I wonder if you can make the baby face the other way?

Hilarious conversation with the automated IKEA customer service rep, Anna. "I do love talking to modest people." (The main site, Bachelor of the Arts, is worth looking at, too, with its witty essays.)

Maurice Sendak and the boy who ate it

Running away:


  1. I love your links to love! I look forward to them every month! :) Thanks for sharing.

  2. I'm not even half way through your links yet, but had to say the Maurice Sendak quote was absolute gold! Thanks.