25 June 2010

Maracuja Yogurette

I love yogurette chocolate bars. The originals are strawberry-flavored. But now they've introduced a temporary new flavor: passion fruit.

Oh. boy.

Passion Fruit Yogurette

They are so yummy.


  1. Every time I go to Germany I am amazed at all the yogurt. I would take 500 kinds of yogurt over 500 kinds of (mostly stinky) cheese any day!

  2. We definitely have stinky cheese, too. But I'm actually not that impressed with all of the yogurt flavors. Maybe because I just buy the cheapest ones, which are better than the cheap ones in America. In the U.S. I only like the fancy ones.

  3. I first tasted maracuja yogurt at a Brazilian "culture night" at the MTC. Good stuff.

    On a completely unrelated topic (I don't see an admin email anywhere): I am mildly amused to report that at least for a few minutes this morning Bahrain's internet censors weighed your "An American in Germany" blog and found it wanting; it had been "blocked for violating the laws of Bahrain." Some minutes later I was able to access it without difficulty.

    PS I'm the Edje Jeter who occasionally comments at Keepapitchinin; I came here from a link there.

  4. If you would know about the artificial flavours that you usually find in products like this you would be really amazed. Actually it has not much to do with maracuja at all; I would be surprised if maracuja actually is in there. Sorry to be a spoiler....

  5. I actually really don't care if it has little to do with passion fruit. It is delicious.

  6. Oh hello, Edje. That is funny about my blog being blocked. Oh the joys of censorship.