18 December 2009

Snowflake and Penguin Art

I'm not the most artistic person, but sometimes I do things that just make me happy. Like Charly's Christmas present.

Charly's name in a snowflake (can you see it?):

Part of Charly's Christmas Present

A paper insert for a new mug (he loves penguins):

Part of Charly's Christmas Present

I had no idea it would turn out so well. Sweet. Should I open an etsy shop? (Just kidding!)


  1. You draw penguins? And you've kept it a secret all these years?

  2. Just wanted to tell you that I enjoy your blog. I have a question. My 19 year old daughter wants to study music and German abroad..more specifically in Germany..How does she go about finding the right school to pursue her dream?
    Merry Christmas. Lisa
    email - lisastassforth@sbcglobal.net