25 November 2009

Auerbachs Keller

Goethe wrote:

„Wer nach Leipzig zur Messe gereist,
Ohne auf Auerbachs Hof zu gehen,
Der schweige still, denn das beweist:
Er hat Leipzig nicht gesehn.“


"He who travels to the trade markets
of Leipzig without visiting
Auerbach's Yard must hold his peace.
It proves: He has not seen Leipzig."

In other words, if you haven't been to Auerbachs Keller you haven't really seen Leipzig. As a alcohol-loving, womanizing student in Leipzig, Goethe frequented Auerbachs Keller and wrote it into Faust.

Well, I've finally been there.

This is what it looks like:

And the food was so great I forgot to take a picture to entice you to visit. We had roasted apples, goose, potato dumplings, red cabbage . . . We scarfed all the German classics (excepting Rouladen).

Thanks, Mike.

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  1. So now that you've finally seen Leipzig, what's next? Also, you look very pretty in that pic.