12 June 2009

Relief Society Old City Hall Tour

Many of the Relief Society women recently got a tour of the old city hall in Leipzig.

The tour included the dungeon, which seemed pretty tortuous to me:

Chains, torture tools in Leipzig's old townhall dungeon

Leipzig's old townhall dungeon

I thought this guy looked like Susan Boyle. If you don't know who that is, youtube her.

Leipzig 2 Relief Society Activity

Here we are in the room dedicated to Bach:

Leipzig 2 Relief Society Activity

Did you know that Bach wasn't their first choice out of the applicants for the church music writer guy?

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  1. Hi Michelle,

    My name is Janelle and I work for a website, www.mormonwoman.org whose goal it is to put accurate and uplifting informaion about LDS women on the Internet. We sometimes have a hard time finding international contributors and Hannah at hayna.blogspot.com suggested you as someone who might be interested in helping us capture what it is like to be LDS in Europe. When I clicked over here, your first post was about your RS trip. This is exactly the types of glimpses into LDS women's lives we are looking for.

    I couldn't find a link to your email, but could you email me?




    P.S. I wish it were me studying in Germany for 150 a semester.