19 January 2009

Some People Obviously Didn't Take the GRE

Last week, I realized I never got my Literature GRE score, though they were supposed to be ready in December. So, I emailed GRE and got this message:

An examinee score report was mailed to you on December 16, 2008. Please allow sufficient time for mail delivery from Princeton, New Jersey, USA.
Allow enough time? Most of the time a letter takes five days. Nearly five weeks had gone by.

Then, a few days later I got the letter, with a sticker on it explaining it had been lost in the mail because the address was wrong. Do you want to see how it was wrong? Compare the following addresses:

Michelle Glauser
Koenneritzstr. 34
04229 Leipzig

Michelle Glauser
Koennerizstr. 34
Leipzig 04229

Just the switching of the order of the city and the zip code, as reflected by the fact that I had to put a German address into an online form of an American company! You'd think people were smarter than that, really. How hard is it to realize that they were just switched? Ha ha.

Anyway, I am quite happy with my score. I'm positive it was a good 100 points (or more) higher than it would have been had I not studied like crazy. Next time, I'm going to dominate that test.


  1. Why are you going to take the test again?

  2. I'm going to take it again so I can refresh what I've already learned, get an even better score, and up my chances of getting into a school of my choice.

  3. Something similar happened to us, My Mother-in-law mailed a letter to Lawrence lane, not Florence lane. It took ages to get that in the mail. I think it was the title to our car, in fact.

    Anyway, now I make sure to exaggerate the "F" in Florence.

    I hope you get into your school of choice! It's getting really tough to get in the top-tier schools now that the economy sucks.