16 January 2009

Food at Renny's

Over a month ago, my friend Renny invited me to have a traditional Chinese dinner at her place, where I could finally meet her boyfriend.

I had been planning on having a surprise activity for Mike that night anyway, so we both went there. With a lot of dishes full of little morsels of food, it was so cool to pick something, stick it in the boiling water or on the mini stove, wait a few minutes, and then eat it. I especially enjoyed the crab, which has never been one of those things that I liked because of its texture. I also enjoyed watching Mike try to use chopsticks. Classic. He'd stab food and push it and pretty much do anything but grip it. :)

This was when I was sick with a bad cold, and that hot sauce sure cleared me out, though I felt dumb for coughing for about ten minutes straight. Here I am, diagonal, thanks to Mike. (I told you German guys like to tilt the camera.)

Here I am fighting with Mike so he wouldn't take another diagonal picture (he said it was the only way to get me and the food in one picture, yeah right, look at the above photo as proof that I was right!):

Here's the normal picture he finally took.

For dessert, I brought Apple Turnovers (I got the recipe from Scribbit but used ginger instead of cardamom.)

Then we watched a movie (Das Leben der Anderen) that was suggested to me by my visiting teaching companion. Mike and I had to scream and cover our eyes a couple of times. It was a lot longer than we thought, so when we left, there wasn't another train for too long for me to catch my train home. Being the stubborn person that I am, I started walking home and every time we passed a phone booth, Mike (who was also sick) stopped and tried to call a taxi. I finally walked on without him and wasn't surprised to have a taxi pull over a few minutes later, with Mike saying, "Get in." I felt really bad, because I wanted to do something nice for him that night, but it turned out that he was again the more generous one. Some day I'll learn how to be a wonderful friend. Good thing I've got lots of great examples around me!


  1. Yum! My Mom makes that sometimes. . .Chinese fondu! I love the noodles. How fun!

  2. Here I am reading along and smack in the middle there's my name! Wow, thanks!

    I was enjoying the recap of the dinner, I love trying new foods in authentic ways.

  3. I love Chinese fondu and trying new foods. Thanks for the comments!