27 December 2007

Christmas with the Müllers

My Christmas present this year was fabulous. I fell in love. Not with just one person, but a whole family, the Müllers. What was supposed to be a one-night stay at the Müller's for Christmas Eve turned into a four-night stay.

On Christmas Eve, I brought my things to the choir concert, which went fairly well but was mostly awesome because of the multitude of happy people there. I went home with the Müllers, where we ate dinner, sang songs (in between each song, Seppl would say, "Presents?!" and his mom would say, "Not yet!"), Markus's grandma recited a poem, I said the children's poems I'd learned, ate tons of chocolate, and we opened presents. I was pleased to get a nice book from Markus and sheets from his family. I opened a card from Amy, James, and Paul that I'd pulled out of the mailbox before the concert. The stocking sent from my mom had a really cool cameo ring. I'd always wanted one, so that was amazing that she remembered. I was also excited to find an iTunes card from the sibs. Seppl liked the socks I got him, and his parents loved the painting of the temple that I did for them, even though their walls are covered with much better paintings from Grandpa Müller.

It was cool to sleep in Markus's room. I could see the stars through the window in the roof, and I felt more at home than I ever have when sleeping at somewhere besides home.

The next morning (which is our Christmas), Seppl and I went to play football with everyone still in town. It was a good game, but the sisters never showed up even though they were supposed to go back with us to eat lunch. We went to pick them up (it took them a while to get ready, so I checked out their unbelievable stack of candy given to them by members). Together, we made stuffing which was treated with curiosity and eaten with gusto. Then we watched the Christmas concert DVD and the sisters eagerly awaited what turned out for phone calls--one of which turned out to be several hours long. We played Scattergories, German style, during which I got a phone call from my family. Seppl suggested I just stay for another night since it was hard to get all my stuff into the car while I was talking on the cell phone (the sisters had to be back). We watched a classic German Christmas film while munching on chocolate. Sister Müller worried all day about whether Markus would be allowed to call or not. He didn't.

The next day, called the second Christmas, I read my book (Wish You Were Here, a Stewart O'Nan novel I'm writing an essay on) off and on all day. It was nice to just talk to Brother and Sister Müller and Seppl or eat chocolate between chapters. Brother Müller started reading the book I gave to Markus a month and a half ago (Mere Christianity) and Seppl and I went for a walk around Schkeuditz. After dinner, I asked Seppl to take me home and said goodbye. He let me drive and taught me what the different signs meant. When we got to my apartment, he convinced me to pick up a few things and come sleep over again. Brother and Sister Müller, thankfully, didn't seem too surprised or disappointed when I showed up again. All of us watched Polar Express and ate chocolate. Jule and Phillipp got back from Neu Brandenburg, so we played a game together and ate yet more chocolate. As usual, Sister Müller dominated!

All the time spent with the Müller family was great. I felt like they were my own family. It was even enjoyable to just sit in the same room with Seppl as we both were doing our own work. Sister Müller kept the Dominosteinen well-stocked for me, and Brother Müller kept track of if there were drinks available without carbonation, my preference. I loved cleaning up to show them my love. I especially enjoyed listening to Seppl play the guitar and watching him work on a special present for his amazing girlfriend who is one of my friends. We had some good laughs (like when I scared Seppl so bad he jumped up, waved his arms, and tried to strangle me; or like the fact that they all knew I liked something when I said, "Oh boy!"). Yet more kindred spirits have come into my life; I am so blessed.

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