08 October 2008

Yes, I'm One of Those Undecided People

A blog I read regularly asked how people could dare to be undecided about their vote.

Maybe I'm undecided because politics drives me crazy. People point out hypocritical things in candidates depending on who they are supporting. Since everyone is a hypocrite, I'm not sure what that has to do with what kind of president they'll be. Maybe I'm undecided because everyone in Germany talks about Obama because he's the opposite of Bush and that's what the rest of the world wants, though people in my family talk about the non-Christian things he does and how he gives them the shivers. Maybe I'm undecided because I find it awesome that we should not use too much energy and we should work on being cosmopolitans and we should have some kind of universal health care (there's no excuse for the world's current example country who claims to be first world to have such a high percentage of uninsured), but I don't like the idea of letting an aborted baby die, though I know plenty of people who are good people who are okay with this. Maybe I'm undecided because McCain seems like an old balderdash kind of a guy whose claims to experience only show that he's not going to change a single thing that needs changing, and Palin seems sensible despite her strange name-calling. Maybe I'm undecided because I have other things to do than sort out all the rumors.

When is Christ going to come? He's the only one we can really trust to make the best decisions in uniting the world. I vote for Him.

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  1. One day I asked my third year students who they would vote for and one person said McCain and everyone stared at her, and I was like, she has the right to think whatever she wants! So in France too it totally seems like people want Obama for very superficial reasons ("he is young and fun and is very cool"). Sigh.