03 September 2008

Camera Craziness

I just discovered that when I set my camera to show my pictures as a slide show, it plays cheesy elevator music with the slide show. Ha ha! Hilarious!

On a sadder note, it's always drama with cameras! Best Buy is still being lame. This guy answered my request unsatisfactorily, so I replied to clarify, and he said I should contact the manager at Best Buy, which was the whole reason I contacted him in the first place. I'd had it. I emailed back and raged. I even said "Oh brother" and "nightmare" and "can't anyone help me?"

He replied saying if I didn't get an email from them within 24 hours to write back. No email. Big surprise.

1 comment:

  1. Wait, WHAT? You quit eating CHOCOLATE??? But, but, but...how do you SURVIVE?????